I offer an integrative psychotherapeutic treatment approach for adults, and I am specialized in working with developmental trauma. My work is informed by process-oriented and somatic, mindfulness-based perspectives on therapy, as well as by psychodynamic therapies. My treatment approaches differ depending on the person and the clinical indication.

I am a clinical psychologist and I value the importance of diagnoses and their appropriate treatment. At the same time, my work is deeply anchored in humanistic psychology, as well as in a transpersonal perspective on life-cycles and change.

My work is process-oriented. This means that I respect the fact that development takes place in its own pace and that we cannot simply make change happen. Nevertheless, there are therapeutic principles that increase the likelihood of change and growth, when we orient towards them.

My therapeutic approach is primarily based on the Neuro-Affective Relationship Model (NARM ®). In addition to that I integrate elements of my training in EMDR, Gestalt work and my clinical training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Treatment Spectrum

  • Depression and Depressive Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders (Panic, Phobias, generalized fears)
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTBS) & trauma-related Disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders & Eating Disorders
  • Dependence and Addiction
  • Personality Disorders

Other Psychological Stress Factors

  • Burnout
  • Couple- and Family-Conflicts
  • Life crises and challenging life transitions
  • Spiritual Crises and Crises of Meaning
Praxis für Psychotherapie & Coaching in Heidelberg


I offer supervision in individual and group settings for psychotherapists and psychotherapists in training. Supervisions generally include a combination of experiential self-exploration as well as client-related case reflection. Supervision for coaches is possible by request. Please note, that I am not offering supervision for teams or groups at the moment.

“No view is wider than the eye.”

Erlend Otre Oeye


Coaching aims at specific and urgent life or professional questions that require professional support. My way of working is to address quickly what is at the heart of the matter and challenging emotional terrain is not left out. It its essence, the process is mainly about the following questions “Which emotions do I permanently avoid?”, “Where do I not have a relation with me but just an opinion about me?” and “How do I connect to my essence and my potential?”

Here are some examples of what can be addressed in a coaching process

  • Clarification of urgent life questions
  • Stress-Management and Resiliency
  • Overcoming of Personal Crisis
  • Support in Conflicts of Decision Making
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Potentiality and Vision Work
  • Communication & Conflict Management
Praxis für Psychotherapie & Coaching in Heidelberg