Every experience can teach us. This basic trust is the root of my work and the way I meet my clients. What we experience as irritating, painful or even threatening, can open doors for us that we would never have chosen to open ourselves. It is precisely those challenges that we have not chosen that require our responsibility and care.

The core of my work is to support self-compassion, clarity and self-responsibility in every way. An open heart, a genuine, eye-to-eye relationship and a professional approach are very important to me.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict. Peace is that everything has its place.”

T. Hübl

Some Guiding Principles

The following basic assumptions have been confirmed and deepened in my work so far:

  • In every one of us, there is an intact and sensitive core, no matter how buried or how deeply we might feel damaged.
  • There are natural organizing principles in life that lead to suffering if they are violated.
  • Acceptance for what is, is the prerequisite for real change.
  • What we think we want for ourselves and what we actually need can be far apart.
  • Feelings need our care, especially those we want to get rid of.
  • We have everything available within us for the next step, but not for the whole journey.
  • Willingness is key in every moment, capacity comes over time.

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My life, both professionally and personally, is permeated by constant exploration and inquiry into development, relationship, and consciousness. I know what it means to grow up in a relatively protected and caring household and still experience isolation and suffering. The subtle and the invisible often affect us more than the spoken word.

Humanistic psychology and various teachings of eastern wisdom traditions had a deep influence on me. For me, the transpersonal levels of our experience are fundamental to any process of change. But most importantly, the primacy of relationship and genuine care for relational spaces, whether with my loved ones or with the plant and animal world, are essential to my life.

Informationen zu M. Sc. Psych. Tobias Konermann



  • Training as a Clinical Psychotherapist – Institut für Fort- und Weiterbildung für klinische Verhaltenstherapie (IFKV)
  • Training in Developmental Trauma Therapy – NARM® (Neuro-Affective Relational Model) with Dr. Laurence Heller – UTA Akademie
  • Training in NARM® Masterclass with Dr. Laurence Heller – UTA Akademie
  • Training in EMDR-Traumatherapy Level I and Level II – EMDR Institut Deutschland
  • Training Modules in Hypnosystemic Therapy – Milton Erickson Institut Heidelberg
  • Training as gestalt-based process facilitator for the Hero’s Journey® by Paul RebillotHeldenreise Netzwerk
  • Ongoing Training in Contemporary Spirituality, Collective Trauma Healing and Consciousness Work Academy of Inner Science


  • IMU Augsburg – Teacher for Principle Based Coaching Competence (1 year Training)
  • HAP Heidelberger Akademie für Psychotherapie – Lecturer for Child-& Youth Psychotherapists in Training
  • DGVT Akademie Münster – Teacher for Personal Development for Child- & Youth Psychotherapists in Training
  • NARM Europe – Supervisor and Teaching Therapist for NARM Therapists in Training
  • Unite Leipzig Leadership Coach and Executive Trainer